Children's Dentists at Liverpool Dental Spa

Good dental health starts in the early years and protecting your child's oral health from decay and disease can ensure that they avoid dental health problems in the future.

We provide regular check-ups for children before their first teeth have even erupted and encourage parents to bring their children in for a check-up as soon as possible.

When they visit the practice children will be give all the information and education they need. They learn how to properly brush, floss and care for their own teeth, in order to establish a good oral hygiene routine and set up a good relationship with the dentist. This can help to prevent the development of dental phobia and dental anxiety in future years.

We also provide information on the dangers of sugars and other enamel damaging foods, and educate children on the best foods and drinks for their dental health.

Preventative treatments are also provided, such as fluoride applications and fissure sealants. These can help to protect teeth from any developing decay and damage.

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