New Patients

What to expect from your first appointment

The cosmetic consultation is your first opportunity to meet the team in an open and friendly environment. No treatment is provided at this relaxed and informative consultation. We will start to discover requirements based on your own views and assessments of your problems.

Are you looking for dazzling, straight white teeth or an attractive, totally natural smile? It is only then that we can advise you on the most suitable options for treatment.

Together we will design your new smile using the latest in computer imaging technology to provide an imaging picture that simulates any changes to the smile. We look at the shape and colour of the teeth, the size, position and relative proportions. As the smile must fit the frame, it must be designed in relation to the gums, lips, and the shape and symmetry of the whole face.

The consultation is importantly a two way process in which we can guide you through a series of informed choices regarding your new smile. We also, at this stage, provide a full and detailed breakdown of costs involved.