Sedation at Liverpool Dental Spa

Many people in the UK suffer with dental anxiety or phobia, which makes them unable to receive the dental treatment they desperately need.

Dental phobia sufferers will often go for years without seeking the care they need, even if they are experiencing severe dental pain, bleeding gums or tooth loss.

We offer sedation to all of our patients who feel anxious at the thought of dental procedures, to help them calmly and successfully receive the treatment they need.

How does sedation work?

Sedation is given before the procedure and removes any feelings of pain or worry, without the patient being made unconscious.

First the sedation is given intravenously (via the vein) in your arm or the back of your hand, after which you will gradually sink into a feeling of contentment. During this relaxed state you are still able to breathe by yourself and interact with the dentist. When treatment is complete it is advised to have a friend or someone close take you home while the affects wear off.

Sedation is now being widely used throughout the UK as an alternative to anaesthesia, which requires the patient to be made completely unconscious. With sedation dentistry you remain completely conscious during treatment and the effect soon wears off after treatment.

With the help of our friendly dental team and the assistance of sedation techniques, patients are able to overcome their dental fears and get much needed dental treatment that can change their smiles for the better.

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