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Mini Dental Implants

In some cases traditional dental implants may not be a suitable treatment option, most often because of bone density problems.

With mini implants, however, not only are patients with low bone density able to receive treatment, but they can also experience almost instantaneous restoration – with implants and fixtures fitted and attached in just one day.

Although mini dental implants are smaller than traditional implants they still provide the strength and stability to secure dentures, bridges and crowns.

How are mini implants fitted?

Under sedation or anaesthetic, mini implants are positioned inside the jawbone. The dental implant head will be situated above the gum line to secure dentures, crowns or bridges into place.

Mini implants do not need the months of healing required by traditional dental implants, and there is no need for drilling, stitches or invasive surgery to treat low bone density. As the implants are thinner the gum tissue doesn't need to be cut, with the implants inserted directly into the jawbone through the gums.

What are the benefits of mini implants?

Mini implants are one of the newest and most advanced dental restoration treatments and have many benefits over traditional dental implants. These include:

  • Greater suitability: People who were unable to have traditional dental implant treatment due to low bone density can instead choose to have the mini dental implant treatment, which requires no bone grafting.
  • Faster treatment: Traditional dental implants require months of bone fusion before they are ready to be fitted with a restoration. With mini implants the same ability to hold dental restorations is available, but without the months of waiting as your new teeth can be fitted on the same day.
  • No need for invasive surgery: Mini implants have been specifically designed to fit into the jawbone without the drilling and incisions required of traditional implant surgery. The implants can be fitted along with the restoration on the same day, saving you both time and money.

Mini implants are still able to provide the same stabilising functions as traditional implants, and can bring strength and security to:

  • Dentures.
  • Bridges.
  • Crowns.

Who is suitable for the mini implant procedure?

Before we can recommend you for the mini implant procedure, we will first examine your oral health to ensure you are at a suitable level of dental health. Patients with a good oral hygiene routine, healthy diet and non-smokers are all ideal candidates for mini implant treatment.

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