What Patients Say

Some celebrities have been kind enough to leave their thoughts about our award winning dental team and our very own celebrity dentist, Dr Marius McGovern.

  • Liverpool Dental Spa is a fabulous calm place where i have all my dental work done. Debbie and Marius make me feel so at ease when I’m there about ANY treatments i have (ALOT!) as I’m actually a very nervous patient!

    Everybody comments on my smile and my teeth constantly and i only have Liverpool Dental Spa to thank for that!!!

    Thank you guys!!!

    Love Liz

    Liz McClarnon, Singer and Atomic Kitten

  • I go to the Liverpool dental spa because I had heard of their reputation many times and it was a simple choice when I needed dental treatment to go there.

    I have to admit that all the recommendations were well founded as i have never had such a friendly caring attitude to dentistry. The service was 5 star and the thorough approach very reassuring.

    I would recommend Dr McGovern and his team everytime to anyone who asks!

    Amanda Harrington, Model

  • The Liverpool Dental Spa gave me the perfect smile that I always wanted, they made me feel comfortable, and actually excited to visit the dentist. Improving your smile whether with veneers or whitening can change your confidence and make you feel amazing.

    Big Thanks to everyone at the Liverpool Dental Spa x

    Maria Ellinas, Singer and Model

  • Mark and myself and Molly Lilly have used the Liverpool Dental Spa for approx 4 years. We would like to say we have had recieved a five star service, staff are welcoming and we would never dream of going to any other dentist.

    This is just a small thankyou to the owners of Liverpool Dental Spa, Debbie and Marius.

    Kerry Katona, Singer and TV Personality

  • The Liverpool Dental Spa, in my opinion is the Only place to go to get your teeth done. The staff are gorgeous and friendly (well the girls are Ha) they make you feel totally at ease and relieve you of any fears or worries you may have had in the past. The Five star treatment I recieved was second to none!! I would recommend this whole new Dental experience to ANYONE and EVERYONE..!!!

    Kev Seed, Liverpool Radio DJ

  • Marius and Debbie have been my dentist for years now. After my football career, there was a bit of work to be done, their attention to detail was amazing, they make you feel very relaxed. They have excellent staff who take care of all your needs an are very well trained, they also make a great brew! I'd highly recommend the Liverpool Dental Spa.

    Jason McAteer

  • I first became acquainted with the Liverpool Dental Spa after hearing recommendations from numerous friends, all of whom had been hugely impressed with the quality of service provided at the centre.

    I visited with two issues I wanted corrected - firstly the whitening of all my teeth, and secondly the discolouring of my two front teeth, which had an uneven surface and were causing me some concern.

    I found the treatment from the team first class - with a thorough consultation period, and all my questions answered before any treatment began.

    Once treatment did begin, I was hugely impressed with the knowledge and clinical excellence shown by Marius McGovern - both of cosmetic dentistry procedures, and also about how to protect the well being of my teeth. I did not just feel the experience was a cosmetic one - but rather one to enhance every aspect of my teeth, and protect them in the future too.

    I have been hugely satisfied with the results of my time at the Liverpool Dental Spa - and still return regularly for visits. I have recommended the centre to several friends, all of whom have gone along and - like me - have nothing but positive things to say about this superb five star service.

    Liverpool should be proud to be home to the Liverpool Dental Spa - I can't imagine there are many better services of its kind in the country.

    Becky Davis
    Broadcast Journalist
    Radio City 96.7 | City Talk 105.9 | Magic 1548

  • I live in Warrington and have had trouble with me teeth for some time, my dentist was for taking them out and putting in a bridge, i was recommended to the Liverpool Dental Spa so decided to get a second opinion, I was so glad a I did, I still have my own teeth they are beautiful and white and the staff are all pleasant. One other thing I would like to point out is that always when I have attended the dentist the worst bit was having the injection, liverpool dental spa use something that numbs the gum and i have never felt a thing. If you don't want to lose a tooth! save it ring Liverpool Dental Spa. Thank you Debbie and Marius and the Team.

    Tina Dutton

People notice something that is different about me, they say I look younger, brighter, but they can’t put their finger on it, I wanted the perfect smile, but not too white I didn’t want people to see my teeth and not my face and I was amazed at how close Dr McGovern worked with his dental technician to provide me with the exact look I wanted.

I am now more confident and never thought that this new smile could change my life and confidence and I travelled from Ireland to come and see Marius and the team at Liverpool dental spa, Liverpool is lucky that they have a guy so good and so local to them.

I was looking on the web sites in the USA as I was considering going to the USA for them done like my friend , then I found Marius on web site teaching how to give people the smile s of their dreams , thank you so much now I can’t stop smiling.

Mr A, TV Celebrity

Mr A wishes to remain anonymous as he does not wish to draw attention to his new smile. Mr A had a smile makeover using a combination of veneers and ceramic crowns with Dr McGovern.