The Wand at Liverpool Dental Spa

Dental anxiety can be caused for a range of reasons, from a fear of the dentist to worrying about undergoing dental surgery. Many patients may also dread the dentist due to their fear of injections, which is why we have now invested in the Wand. This is a pain-free injection device that removes the fear of dental injections.

How does the Wand work?

The Wand is comprised of a small pen-like needle and a CompuDent system, which both stop the sudden surge of injected fluid that causes pain.

Slowing the flow of the fluid means patients do not suffer that sudden sharp 'bee-sting' pain and can receive the injections they need without the usual dental pain.

The Wand also decreases the unnecessary numbness of the lips, face, cheek and tongue, which can otherwise cause mild discomfort hours after the treatment is over.

Dental phobia patients with a fear of needles can receive the treatment they need with the innovative Wand pain-free injection device.

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