White Fillings at Liverpool Dental Spa

White fillings are used to seal tooth cavities and prevent the spread of infection and decay.

Until recently metal amalgam fillings were most commonly used to fill in holes caused by dental decay, but these were easily visible in the mouth and have been found to cause toxicity in some cases.

With white fillings your teeth are protected without putting you in danger of mercury toxicity, a fact which is very important to our dental team. In addition your smile will remain natural and healthy looking.

Dental decay occurs when plaque acids and bacteria eat their way through the enamel surface and into the dentin material of the tooth. If they pass the dentin, bacteria is able enter the dental chamber and infect the dental pulp. Once this has occurred the tooth is technically dead and you will require root canal treatment to address the damage.

White fillings prevent this harm from occurring and seal the teeth against potential damage.

More about decay detection in our Preventive Dentistry section.

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