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We use CEREC restorations and technology at the practice, so you can receive the veneer, crown, onlay or inlay treatment you need in just one visit.

Only one visit is required, you won't have to suffer with further injections, impressions or drillings, and you won't have to wear temporary restorations.

Restorative care in just one sitting

CEREC helps busy patients receive the care they need immediately, with all impressions, images and restorations made in-practice. You will be measured and fitted with your crown, onlay or veneer on the very same day, which makes dental treatment a great deal more convenient.

The finest materials

Using CEREC 3D imaging means no messy dental moulds and a higher clarity of impression for your dental restoration. This fine-detailed image means your new restoration will fit ideally, look and feel like your own natural teeth, with results that last.

CEREC can create more than just fillings and crowns. Your dentist can also use them to repair discoloured or chipped teeth with porcelain anterior veneers or crowns. CEREC provides patients with the highest level of restorative care.

We use tooth coloured ceramics when making CEREC restorations to enhance the strength and appearance of your smile.

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6 Dentistry Awards!

Winners for National UK Award

  • > 2009 Best Dental Team

Winners for North West Awards

  • > 2009 Best Dental Team
  • > 2008 Best Dental Practice

Finalists for North West Awards

  • > 2009 Best Practice
  • > 2008 Best Dental Team

Finalist & Highly Commended for

  • > 2007 Best Young Dentist Dr Marius McGovern