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CFast braces

CFast is a fast and effective fixed brace treatment, which delivers amazing results with optimum discretion.

What is CFast?

CFast is a discreet orthodontic treatment, which is designed to address issues with the 'social 6'; this is the term used to describe the front teeth, which can be seen when you smile. By concentrating on these teeth only, CFast is able to generate results very quickly, making this an ideal treatment for patients who are looking for a fast-acting brace.

CFast braces are not invisible like transparent aligners, but they are much more discreet than conventional fixed braces, as they are made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

How long does treatment with CFast take?

CFast is a quick treatment; on average, treatment is complete within 6 months, making this a great choice for patients who are preparing for a special occasion and those who cannot wait to show off their new smile.

What are the advantages of CFast?

CFast has many advantages, including:

  • short treatment time; most cases are complete within just 6 months
  • improved aesthetics; the braces are made from clear components, making them much less visible than traditional fixed braces
  • comfort; these braces use the latest technology to move the teeth quickly, but gently
  • value for money; this treatment is considerably cheaper than many other orthodontic systems

Could I benefit from CFast treatment?

CFast braces are designed for patients who have minor or moderate issues with their front teeth. If you suffer from mild crowding or you have small gaps between your front teeth and you are searching for a treatment, which produces amazing results in a short space of time with the added bonus of great aesthetics during treatment, this is a really strong choice. We will be able to assess your suitability for CFast treatment during your consultation; if you are not a suitable candidate then there is no need to worry, we have an array of amazing treatments on offer to cater for patients with minor, moderate and complex orthodontic needs.


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