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Perfect Clear


Today's orthodontic patients are looking for a greater level of discretion from their braces. And there are now numerous innovative 'invisible' aligners available for discreet treatment, including the effective Perfect Clear system.

What is Perfect Clear?

Perfect Clear uses its own unique K positioners to encourage misaligned or crooked teeth into alignment. Your personalised aligners will be made from impressions taken of your teeth and mouth, with each new aligner used to gently move your smile into place.

Why use Perfect Clear braces over other orthodontic options?

Perfect Clear K positioners remain discreet during treatment, which is ideal for patients who already feel awkward about their smile. Perfect Clear aligners can also be taken out for cleaning and eating, which means plaque and debris are effectively removed from the teeth and you don't suffer with oral disease or decay.

Perfect Clear offers patients:

  • Improved appearance of smile, teeth and facial aesthetics.
  • Improved confidence.
  • Better standard of oral health.
  • Level bite for improved jaw function and alignment.

The Perfect Clear positioners can have a temporary effect on speech, and patients can expect to experience a moderate lisp for a couple of days. However, your mouth quickly adjusts to the new device in your mouth, and you will then be free to enjoy the discretion of this effective treatment.


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