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How Liverpool Dental Spa can reduce denture discomfort

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Are you struggling with your dentures? Has your denture come loose is it starting to run against and irritate your gums? When you have dentures, they shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality dentures that offer a hassle-free, painless solution for missing teeth. If you’re having troubles, we are here to help!

How we can help you

If your dentures are uncomfortable or painful or you’re worried about them slipping or sliding or coming loose when you eat, we can help. We have extensive experience in making and fitting dentures and we also offer a comprehensive repairs service. It’s incredibly important that your dentures fit properly and if you’re having difficulties, this could be a sign that your denture doesn’t fit well enough. Your mouth changes shape on a continua basis and a denture won’t last forever. If you’re not comfortable, this may indicate that you need a new denture because your old denture no longer fits. You may also experience problems if the denture is damaged. In this case, we can weigh up the options of replacing or repairing the denture.

At Liverpool Dental Spa, we want you to be comfortable and confident. You don’t have to put up with painful dentures that aren’t doing the job they’re intended to do. We can replace old and misshapen dentures and provide you with new teeth that look the part and enable you to do everything you want to without any discomfort at all. Don’t suffer in silence! Call us now and we’ll have you smiling again in no time!

You Can Have a Rock Solid Smile with Implant Stabilised Dentures

Friday, September 1st, 2017

How would you feel if we could eliminate all the potential issues that could crop up with dentures and promise you a rock solid smile that looks incredible? Dentures are wonderful things, but they’re not perfect and many patients worry about their dentures coming loose. With implant-stabilised dentures, we can prevent this from happening, giving you a strong, stable and beautiful smile.

What are implant-retained dentures?

Most people are familiar with dentures, prosthetic sets of teeth that are used to replace lost natural teeth, but implant-retained dentures are less well-known. With implant-retained dentures, the denture is anchored by dental implants. Implants are titanium appliances, which sit in the jaw bone. Their role is to replace to natural tooth root.

Usually, when you have a denture, it is held in place by the suction of the gums or a denture fixative. With implant-retained dentures, the denture is stabilised by implants. Once the implants have been inserted into sockets in the jaw bone, the denture is attached.

What are the benefits of implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures offer solutions to almost all of the problems people encounter with dentures. With implants there to support the denture, there’s no risk of the new teeth slipping or sliding. This gives you peace of mind, the ability to eat anything you want and a gorgeous smile. Having implants also increases the bite power of the denture, so you don’t need to worry about waving goodbye to your favourite foods.

If you’re keen to find out more about implant-retained dentures or you’re interested in seeing if this is a viable option for you, why not call and make an appointment today?


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