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The Benefits Of Modern Fixed Braces In The City Of Liverpool

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Fixed braces have gained a negative, and much undue, reputation: Rather than conjuring images of versatility and reliability, fixed braces are, for some reason, associated with 80’s teen-comedy outcasts, much like the pun is associated with bad-uncle jokes. Punning was good enough for Shakespeare, James Joyce and Jesus and, if we are to take this comparison to its natural conclusion, fixed braces are equally appropriate for the most sophisticated pundit. Allow me to argue my case.

Firstly, what is a fixed brace?

A fixed brace is a brace which, during treatment, is not removed and they are available in a myriad of shapes, colours and constructs! All fixed braces consist of tiny buttons, referred to as brackets, which are fixed to your teeth. Metallic rings, known as bands, can also be fastened to your back teeth. A thin wire, called ‘archwire’, is then used to keep all this together along with the help of some tiny elastic bands, called modules, or some minute wires, known as ligatures.

That’s nice and all, but why opt for them?

Well, research indicates they are more effective: A recent study implied that patients who received fixed brace treatment where happier with the outcome of their smile than those who used alternatives. Importantly, they also take some crushing responsibility away from their wearer: Removable aligners, the main competitor with fixed braces, can be taken out for eating food, cleaning them or for brief social occasions. If you forget to put them back in, however, you can set your treatment back by a substantial amount and incur greater costs. With fixed braces, you never run this risk as they can’t be taken out!

Low-friction variants

The friction of fixed braces is a common, albeit minor, complaint as it can cause some slight irritation. At Liverpool Dental Spa, we offer Damon and In-Ovation R braces which not only reduce the friction issue, but can also reduce treatment time.

Call us

Fixed braces are the classic form of orthodontic treatment, and with good reason! If you interested in exploring the fixed brace treatments we offer, then please call us at Liverpool Dental Spa.

Replace Missing Teeth With A Permanent Solution In Liverpool

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Halloween is now long behind us, as are the costume based benefits of missing teeth. Outside of dressing up like a pirate from the scurvy era, there isn’t really a reason to leave a tooth un-replaced and doing so can, in fact, lead to a plethora of problems: Teeth keep other teeth in place and, by not replacing a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth will collapse into each other; not replacing a tooth can also increase the chance of contracting gum disease. Given that replacing the tooth is imperative, you then have to decide how to! Dentures have been the classic method for over two millennia, but they also have numerous negatives associated with them, such as slippage and an inability to chew hard foods. Dental implants, however, operate just like real teeth…

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a false tooth which is anchored in to your jaw by a small but sturdy metal rod.

The benefits of dental implants

Functionality is probably their key selling point: If done correctly, a dental implant will work like your old tooth did. As an added bonus, they also prevent the common problem of post-tooth loss atrophy, something which dentures cannot combat: Atrophy, the slow decay of bone surrounding the missing tooth, can lead to a gradual change in face and jaw shape. Dental implants, however, not only help prevent atrophy, but can even stimulate bone growth! No surrounding, healthy tissue need be affected either: Dental bridges, another alternative to dentures, can sometimes require neighbouring teeth to be removed so as to accommodate the false tooth. With dental implants, there is no such problem.

The procedure

First off, your teeth and gums will be checked to ensure you can support the implant. It should be recognised that implants need a reasonable amount of quality bone tissue to be available from the patient; for most folks, this shouldn’t be an issue. The gum is cut, raised and then a small hole, where the implant is to be placed, is drilled into a specific jaw location. Your implant is then fitted into this socket and the gum is stitched back up. The implant is then left to heal, for between six weeks and six months. After this period, a temporary crown will be fitted for between four and six weeks. Following this, the final restoration will be attached.


Find Out How The Inman Aligner Could Benefit You In The Heart Of Liverpool

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Orthodontic treatment can take a long time to complete, some treatments taking up to three years to finish, and, in the relief of achieving one’s goal, one can neglect to wear their retainer. This is understandable, a retainer can feel like a kind of dental halfway house, but it can lead one right back to where they started: Refusing, or forgetting, to wear a retainer can lead to a dental relapse. Thankfully, for those of us in such a scenario, there is the Inman Aligner…

What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable brace-like device, which aligns teeth, but mostly focuses on one’s front teeth.

What are the benefits of this Inman Aligner?

It is fast; faster than superman speeding on a movie being streamed on a super-fast broadband connection in the fast lane.  Conventional brace treatment can take up to three years to complete. With the Inman Aligner, a dental relapse can be corrected in between six and eighteen weeks, a mere fragment of the time which starting from scratch would take. Alongside these time saving advantages, the Inman Aligner also has the advantages of any removable brace: They can be removed for eating, thus stopping the aligner from being damaged by hard foods, and can be taken out to be cleaned, helping to prevent the obstructions which can cause plaque to build up in conventional braces.

Will this aligner work for everybody?

Sadly not: It is best suited for treating minor misalignments and relapses. If the treatment is appropriate for you will be determined during an initial meeting. Don’t worry if you are not! Our dental team will easily be able to recommend alternative treatments.

How does it do this?

The Aligner utilises dual nickel titanium coil springs to fuel two aligner bows. The bows lightly oppose each other and thus move your teeth in to position. The speedy results stem from the fact that the mild force produced by the aligner operates over a very large range of movement.

Call us for a consultation

Fear you may have had a dental relapse? Call us at Liverpool Dental Spa to book a consultation.

Treatment We Offer For Snoring In Central Liverpool

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Snoring is a very common problem and one which literally keeps people awake at night. Usually, the person who suffers the most is your partner, but if you snore, this can be a sign that your body is struggling to get the oxygen it needs and it is worth seeking advice about treatment. Snoring treatment can help to give you and your partner peace of mind and most importantly, a good night’s sleep.

What causes snoring?

The actual sound of snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft tissue at the back of the throat, but risk factors include being overweight, drinking alcohol, lying in certain positions and respiratory illnesses.

Sometimes, making simple changes to your lifestyle can help to reduce snoring; these may include:

  • losing weight
  • avoiding alcohol in the evenings
  • sleeping on your side, rather than your back
  • giving up smoking

Snoring treatment

In cases where changing your lifestyle is not sufficient to bring about an improvement in snoring, we are able to provide an effective treatment: a specialist bite guard. We work with doctors to provide effective relief for snoring and ensure that you and your partner are able to sleep peacefully.

A bite guard helps to reduce snoring because it keeps the airways open when you are sleeping and this enables more oxygen into the body.

If you snore and you are looking for a treatment that really works, call us today and arrange a consultation at Liverpool Dental spa in the heart of Liverpool.







Introducing Innovative Fixed Braces For Patients In Liverpool City Centre

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

If you are looking for proof that the world of Orthodontics has advanced at lightening speed, look no further than Damon Braces, one of the most technically advanced brace systems on the market.

About Damon Braces

Damon Braces are fixed braces, which use the latest technology to move the teeth quickly and painlessly. Damon braces have specially designed sliding brackets and self-ligating wires, which increase the movement of the teeth and prevent friction and pain.

Damon Braces are suitable for patients with the most complex orthodontic needs and they are a great alternative to traditional fixed braces.

What are the advantages of Damon Braces?

Damon Braces are suitable for a wide range of patients and they are quicker and more discreet than traditional fixed braces. Damon Braces are not invisible like some of the modern aligner systems, but the brackets are wires are designed to blend in with the natural colour of the teeth for maximum discretion; treatments time are also, on average, around 4-6 months shorter than with traditional fixed braces.

Unlike conventional fixed braces, Damon Braces do not use elastic ties or metal bands and therefore there is no need for regular adjustments, which are often very painful for patients. The braces use self-ligating technology, which prevents friction and gum irritation, and sliding brackets, which apply pressure to the teeth without causing pain.

In the vast majority of cases patients do not need to have teeth extracted before Damon Braces treatment, which is welcome news for patients, especially those who suffer from dental anxiety.

Why should I consider Damon Braces?

If you have moderate or major orthodontic issues and you are looking for a fast, painless and discreet treatment, Damon Braces are an ideal option for Liverpool patients. The braces use technology, which not only increases the speed of tooth movement, but also prevents pain and the brackets are small, delicate and tooth-coloured for optimum discretion. The braces may not be invisible like some aligners, but they are very discreet and they have a wide range of benefits for patients. Fixed braces are also faster and more reliable than removable braces and there is no need to worry about misplacing them or remembering to change them for the next aligner in the treatment process.



How Do Removable Braces Work In The Heart Of Liverpool?

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

At Liverpool Implant and Aesthetic Dental Spa we pride ourselves on offering the latest and best orthodontic treatments, including a range of removable braces.

About removable braces

Most people envision train-track style fixed braces when they think about orthodontic treatment, but there are many different options available to orthodontic patients today, including removable braces. We offer Invisalign, Perfect Clear and Clearstep.

Removable braces, as the name suggests, are braces that can be taken out and put back in again; they are a great alternative to fixed braces for patients who would prefer more freedom and flexibility during the treatment process.

What are the pros and cons of removable braces?

Removable braces, like fixed braces, have both advantages and disadvantages. Removable braces are often more convenient and they give you more choice, a swell as the freedom to enjoy eating without worrying about getting food stuck in your brace or breaking your brace and the ability to clean your teeth without having to navigate your way around brackets and bands. Removable braces work very well but the success of treatment is dependent on the patient wearing their brace for the recommended period of time each day, which can be a disadvantage compared to fixed braces, which are guaranteed to succeed.

Removable braces are suitable for most patients but they may not be suitable for patients with very complex needs and fixed braces may be recommended in this case, as they provide greater support for the teeth while they are moving.

We will be happy to discuss the different options with you and make recommendations to suit your needs and preferences; some people prefer the flexibility of removable braces, while others prefer the reliability and simplicity of fixed braces.

Patients In Liverpool Can Get Help For Snoring

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Snoring is a very common problem that affects most of us at some point in our lives, but for some, it is a real issue, which affects their quality of sleep and their relationships with others.

About snoring

Snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft tissues in the mouth when air passes through; it is often a sign that the body is not getting as much oxygen as it needs. There are various causes of snoring including smoking, respiratory problems, being overweight or obese, sleeping position and colds and flu and often there is no need for treatment, as snoring is temporary, but if snoring is persistent, it is worth seeking help. At the Liverpool Implant and Aesthetic Dental Spa we offer an effective solution for snoring, to help increase the amount of oxygen you get and enable you and your partner to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

How we could help

We offer highly effective bite guards, which help to keep the airway open while you sleep and enable you to breathe properly. We work with other health professionals to improve the quality of your sleep and prevent your partner from being awoken by snoring.

If you snore on a regular basis, making simple changes may be helpful, such as changing your sleeping position, losing weight and avoiding drinking alcohol in the evenings; however, additional treatment may be required. If you would like to find out more about how we could help to enjoy a peaceful night, contact us today.




Clear Braces V Fixed Braces For Patients In The Heart Of Liverpool

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Nowadays, patients have a wide range of options when it comes to orthodontic treatments, including removable, clear and fixed braces. If you aren’t an expert in orthodontics, you may struggle to work out which option is best, how the different treatments work and which one you should choose.

About clear braces

We offer Invisalign, one of the world’s leading clear brace systems. Invisalign is completely different to traditional fixed braces because it employs a series of bespoke, removable aligners to straighten the teeth. The aligners are manufactured according to a personalised treatment plan and each one is slightly different; over the course of time, the teeth move into the correct position and by the time the final aligner is removed, the teeth should be perfectly straight. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and then replaced until treatment is complete.

About fixed braces

Fixed braces are generally recommended for patients who have moderate or complex orthodontic needs because they provide a great deal of support for the teeth and can produce a lot of movement. Traditional fixed braces are not the most aesthetically pleasing treatment, but the results are very effective and the treatment process is straightforward.

Which is better for me: clear braces or fixed braces?

During your consultation we will be able to advise you based on your individual needs and preferences. Clear braces are an excellent option for patients who are looking for a discreet treatment and those who would prefer a removable brace, but it is worth noting that the success of treatment is dependent on you remembering to wear your aligners. Fixed braces are easier as you do no have to do anything once they are in place; however, obviously they are visible when you smile and this makes them less appealing to many patients. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of each treatment system and make recommendations based on your orthodontic prescription at Liverpool Dental Spa.




A Permanent Solution To Missing Teeth For Patients In Liverpool

Friday, November 1st, 2013

In the past, patients who had missing teeth had a choice of a dental bridge or a denture, but now, dental implants, which are a highly effective long-term solution for lost teeth, are available.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an increasingly popular treatment for patients who have lost teeth either through injury, decay or trauma. The actual implant is a small screw-like device made from titanium, which is fitted into a socket in the jaw bone; over the course of time, the implant integrates into the bone tissue and once it has settled, it can be attached to a restoration. One of the best things about dental implants is that they can be connected to a wide range of restorations, including a dental bridge, crown or denture, meaning that they are suitable for patients with one missing tooth, a few lost teeth or an entire arch of missing teeth. The aim of the implant is to replace the rot of the missing tooth.

The procedure

The procedure to fit the implant is usually carried out under local anaesthetic to prevent patients from experiencing any pain. An incision is made in the gum, a flap is lifted and a socket is drilled in the bone; the implant is then secured in the socket and the incision is closed and left to heal. The integration process takes between 3 and 6 months and then the restoration can be attached.

How could dental implants benefit me?

Dental implants have a host of benefits for patients with any number of missing teeth. Implants are more expensive than other treatments for missing teeth but they last a lifetime and they offer unrivalled levels of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Implants do not interfere with the neighbouring teeth or gums and they help to reduce bone loss; they are also able to integrate completely into the jaw bone, which increases anchorage and ensures that the restorations will never slip or become loose. Contact the team at Liverpool Dental Spa in central Liverpool for more information on dental implants.

We Look After Children’s Teeth In The City Of Liverpool

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

The health of a child’s teeth is often intrinsically linked to the straightness, appearance and health of their adult teeth. It is therefore very important that you maintain the health of your child’s teeth and gums, even from the day they are born.

Looking after baby’s teeth

It may seem odd taking care of the oral health of a baby, who has no teeth, but the gums of a baby can carry bacteria that in turn may affect the teeth below the gums. By gently washing the gums of your baby with a soft cloth you may be able to remove an oral plaque that could lead to dental problems when the milk teeth come through. Providing the milk teeth with a healthy gum line to come through is also paramount to lifelong good dental health.

Taking care of your toddler’s teeth

Once your child’s milk tooth begins to appear your daily dental health routine will have to progress to the next level: toothbrushes. A small amount of child’s toothpaste on a small brush is all that is required to maintain the health of your child’s teeth. Brush the teeth that have come through and gently brush the gums around them. Take your time and always use a soft bristled brush, as their gums are likely to be tender. It is important to take care of your young child’s teeth, as, if decay occurs and teeth fall out, the adult teeth beneath have no guideline to come through with and so may erupt crooked.

Taking care of your adolescent’s teeth

If some decay has occurred in childhood and teeth have fallen out prematurely this may have affected the development of the adult teeth. In teenage years this means one thing: braces. Braces come in a range of shapes, sizes and formats, with some fixed to the front or back of the teeth, whilst others are completely removable. Straight teeth not also improve the aesthetic of a smile and in turn the confidence of your teen, but they also mean fewer spaces for bacteria to hide and so healthier teeth for the future. For a dental check-up for your children give us a call today at Liverpool Dental Spa.






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