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Banish Teeth Stains With Our Whitening Treatments In Central Liverpool

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Some people keep their furniture wrapped in plastic to stop it from staining as use tends to result in marking. Sadly, that principle applies to teeth: if you use your teeth, they will end up losing their pearly-white sheen. Now, using your teeth is inevitable, so, rather than come up with ways of avoiding that, we need to investigate ways of sprucing up the old gnashers after they’ve been stained as a result of general wear and tear. How can this be done, you ask? Well, with one of the wondrous tooth whitening systems available from us at Liverpool Dental Spa of course!

What are tooth whitening treatments?

There isn’t anything too clever going here, it is exactly what it says on the tin: a treatment which will make your teeth whiter. How exactly this is done, however, differs from treatment to treatment…

The Wy10 whitening system

The Wy10 whitening system is a home whitening system, meaning it is done over a longer period of time in the comfort of your own residence. This system is also particularly suited for those with sensitive teeth! The final results from the system can leave your teeth looking up to 14 times brighter than when they started and, to top it all off, this system even comes with its own portable bleaching lamp so as to improve the procedure’s outcome.

Zoom! Power Whitening

‘Zoom’ is correct as, with this treatment, speed is the name of the game: Great results with this system can be achieved after one, 45 minute visit to us! Using a combination of bleaching gel and a patented activation light, the Zoom system can leave your teeth looking up to 7 shades lighter than when you walked in. The speed of this in-house treatment makes it ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Just like the spiritual zenith implied by its name, the Enlighten Teeth Whitening system can take your teeth to the lofty plains of B1 shade teeth (the brightest shade in the UK). Not only that, but it is also perfect for patients with sensitive teeth! This is a home whitening system and it achieves its incredible via a two week course of gradual deep bleaching, all of which can be done in your pyjamas



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