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Dental Crowns

A crown sits over the top of a damaged tooth to strengthen and protect the layers underneath.

Otherwise known as a cap, a crown is used when teeth have become weakened or if a tooth needs a large filling. Crowns can be created from several materials, including gold, porcelain and ceramic, which are custom-fitted to sit comfortably over a damaged tooth.

We ensure that all crowns are made personally and bespoke for each patient, using dental impressions and images. Your crown will blend in with your natural teeth and be completely functional.

Other uses for crowns

Crowns can also be used for several reasons, including:

  • To hold a denture or bridge in place.
  • Following a root canal to protect the damaged and treated tooth.
  • To replace discoloured fillings and enhance the appearance of your tooth.

If you wish to strengthen a severely damaged tooth, are looking for extra tooth stability or would like to protect a tooth from further decay, a dental crown may be the ideal solution.


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