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Dental Implants

Dental Implants at Liverpool Dental Spa

Dental implants are an advanced and effective solution to the problem of missing teeth.

Before dental implants the only treatment options were dentures and bridges, which were either loose, ill-fitting or required invasive treatment to prepare the surrounding teeth.

With dental implants not only is the visible portion of the tooth replaced but also the tooth root, which means extra stability and improved functionality. A dental implant wearer can eat what they like, without worrying that their replacement tooth or teeth are going to fall out.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post which is secured into the patient's jawbone to replace the missing root of a tooth. The procedure to fit an implant is performed under local anaesthetic, so you will experience no pain. It involves using a dental drill to place the implant and then stitching the gum back over the implant area. Once this has been done the implant will be left to integrate with the bone.

When the gums and the bone are healed your new restoration can be fitted, with a number of options available:

  • Crowns: for the replacement of single missing teeth.
  • Bridges: when several teeth need replacing.
  • Dentures: when a full arch of teeth needs replacing.

How long does the dental implant treatment take?

The treatment to fit the implant itself doesn't take too long, but afterwards you must allow the implant and bone to fuse together. This is to ensure that you have a strong foundation for your new dental restoration. This process usually takes between 3-6 months, and to aid the healing process it is recommended that you maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Eating healthily and not smoking are also vital.

Once your bone has fully fused with the implant an abutment will be fitted, which will then be used to attach a crown, denture or bridge.

What are the pros of dental implants?

Dental implants have transformed restorative dentistry. They have many benefits that other replacement treatments cannot match. These include:

  • Extra stability: Loose dentures and bridges attached with crowns or clasps cannot provide the same biting strength as your natural teeth. However, because dental implants replace the missing root portion of the tooth they are able to mimic the action of a natural tooth. This includes the same level of biting, chewing, eating, etc. You will not need to change your diet, fret about the tooth falling out or worry about speech being affected.
  • Long lasting: On average a denture and bridge will last for about 5-15 years. A dental implant, on the other hand, if looked after correctly can last a lifetime. This means no future dental appointments for a replacement and no future costs.
  • Natural appearance and feel: Implants appear and feel like a natural tooth, with no one able to tell that you are in possession of implants.
  • No damage to surrounding teeth and gums: Those who wear dentures will notice overtime that they need a replacement. This is because the jawbone changes and shrinks as we age, but this process can also be sped up by the rub and wear of dentures. Dental bridges require other healthy teeth to support them, which usually involves trimming away healthy tooth tissue so that they can be fitted with crowns. Dental implants not only avoid causing dental damage but they actually aid the health of the jaw and mouth, bolstering the strength of the jawbone and preventing bone degeneration.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Patients who are in good oral health, maintain dental hygiene, do not smoke and have the required bone density are excellent candidates for dental implants. We will thoroughly examine your mouth when you visit the practice to ensure results are achievable.

We use the very best materials for both our implants and restorations, in order to ensure our patients' smiles are healthy, beautiful and long lasting.

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