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All our dentists adhere to the rules governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC) "Standards for Dental Professionals".

Debbie McGovern BSc Oral Health Science Manc 2007 (GDC: 113624)

I have over 28 years in dentistry and started out as dental nurse many years ago before I went on to do my Bachelor of Science degree in 2004 at Manchester University.

I have a degree in Oral Health Science and was one of the few final year students to do the combined Dental Therapy and Orthodontist Therapist degree, which has now been disbanded.

I have a keen interest in restorative and cosmetic bonding and am so lucky to get to travel the world and learn from the best composite masters, such as Vanini, Jason Smithson and many more. Being part of the BACD, BAAD and BADT. I am lucky to have learned from the very best in the business.

Our practice has a lot of implant-based patients so it is imperative that I keep up to date with the latest advice and recommended maintenance programs for our implant patients, so their investments are worthwhile. It's so important that patients see our dental therapists every three months to maintain optimal health for their dental implants.

I have a keen interest in orthodontics and have attended many courses and completed certificate workshops that enable me to help both clinicians and patients during treatments, in between visits with the dentist. As part of this, I change the little elastic ligatures in between dental visits to help minimise demineralisation of the enamel, which can appear as little white patches. Even with the best toothbrushing techniques it's very hard to keep teeth clean with braces on. Invisalign patients also need careful monitoring, as removable braces can also cause the same little white patches as a result of diet, or if good oral hygiene checks are not being carried out.

I have also been studying a Master’s degree in non-surgical facial aesthetics. After attending a course in London 5 years ago, I decided I loved carrying out Facial Rejuvenation and dermal fillers. Although I already had the qualification to carry out Facial Rejuvenation and dermal filler treatments, I wanted to know more so I decided to embark on yet another academic journey!

I am currently the chair of the British Association for Dental Therapists and have been on the council for 8 years.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have 4 children who are my world. I’m an avid football fanatic and help to run a football team. I am also a welfare officer for West End Football Club.


6 Dentistry Awards!

Winners for National UK Award

  • > 2009 Best Dental Team

Winners for North West Awards

  • > 2009 Best Dental Team
  • > 2008 Best Dental Practice

Finalists for North West Awards

  • > 2009 Best Practice
  • > 2008 Best Dental Team

Finalist & Highly Commended for

  • > 2007 Best Young Dentist Dr Marius McGovern