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Fixed Braces

Fixed braces have been used for many years in the successful and effective alignment of tooth misalignment, crooked teeth and gaps between teeth. Even with the range of modern appliances available they remain a firm favourite for effective movement.

Although not as discreet as clear plastic aligners many fixed braces now use clear brackets and wires. This helps the appliance to blend in with the colour of natural teeth. In general fixed braces are able to correct a wider range of orthodontic problems and are better for moving severe conditions in comparison to removable aligners.

We also use the latest low-friction systems such as Damon (shown opposite) and In-Ovation R, which reduce treatment time.

Fixed brace treatment involves attaching brackets to the teeth and using an archwire to create tension and pressure on the teeth. This encourages movement for effective and fast treatment.

We offer a great range of fixed braces at the practice that are able to treat most orthodontic problems. Straightening smiles and correcting misalignment will not only enhance the appearance of a smile, but it also improves the mouth's function and health. A straighter bite will help to ensure there are fewer gaps for bacteria and plaque to collect.


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