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Mac Veneers

MAC Veneers are a unique form of dental veneer, which use a pressed ceramic technique to provide veneers that are 3 times as strong as traditional veneers, more resistant to staining and chipping and create a beautiful, natural appearance.

What can MAC Veneers treat?

Mac Veneers can be used to correct a number of dental conditions, including:

  • Stained, discoloured teeth that are beyond the help of cleaning or whitening treatments.
  • Chipped, fractured or worn teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth that are damaging your smile.
  • Crooked teeth or teeth with mild misalignment; these can be straightened with MAC veneers, rather than undergoing months or years of orthodontic treatment.

What makes MAC Veneers unique?

MAC Veneers are the invention of the MicroDental laboratory in California, which is the only company to produce MAC Veneers. They only provide their services to certain registered practices, such as our very own Liverpool Implant & Aesthetic Dental Spa. Each MAC Veneer is crafted by one of the Californian team's skilled ceramicists, which is done using impressions and images taken at our practice.

The level of detail achievable with MAC Veneers is incredible, with no one able to tell the difference between a MAC Veneered tooth and a healthy, white tooth.

The pressed ceramic method used to create MAC Veneers means they are 3 times as strong as normal veneers and can last a great deal longer.

How are MAC Veneers fitted?

MAC Veneers are fitted in just two visits after the initial consultation:

  1. The teeth you wish to cover are mildly etched and impressions and images are taken, which are then sent to the MicroDental Laboratory along with your desired colour choice and shape.
  2. You return to the practice after your custom-made MAC Veneers are created. You will then have your teeth cleaned and some mild preparation treatment may be needed, to ensure the ideal surface for your new veneers. The MAC Veneers are then fitted into place and your new smile will be complete.

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