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MTM No Trace braces

MTM No Trace is the ultimate invisible brace system. If you are looking for a treatment which promises complete discretion, this could be the ideal solution.

What is MTM No Trace?

MTM No Trace system is an invisible fixed brace system, which is designed for patients with minor orthodontic problems. The braces work in a similar way to traditional fixed braces, but there is one major difference: the braces are fitted to the back of the teeth, rather than the front, which means that they are completely invisible when you smile.

What are the benefits?

We are aware that most patients feel apprehensive about having orthodontic treatment because they don't want to wear bulky, unsightly braces. MTM No Trace braces offer a solution to all those patients who dread having treatment because they don't want to feel unattractive when their braces are fitted. These braces cannot be seen when you smile and this means you can enjoy the results of your treatment without having to worry about going through months of feeling nervous or apprehensive when you meet new people or smile in public.

MTM No Trace braces are easy to maintain and the treatment process is very simple; once the braces are fitted, you can relax and let them do their magic without the hassle of having to replace them or remember to take them out and put them back in again later.

One of the best aspects of the MTM No Trace system is the speed of treatment. This treatment is designed to produce a beautiful, straight smile in just 12-24 weeks.

Am I a good fit for this treatment?

The MTM No Trace system is designed for patients who require a small amount of movement only and it is an excellent choice for people who want to make minor corrections in time for a special event, such as a wedding. This treatment is not suitable for patients with more complex needs, as it can only bring about a limited amount of movement. If you need more intensive treatment, we will happily discuss other treatment options to help you find the best treatment for your individual needs.


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