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Did You Know You Can Have Brighter Whiter Teeth In the Heart of Liverpool?

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Who doesn’t want a whiter, brighter smile? If your teeth are looking a little off colour or you long for dazzling pearly whites, we can help, right here in the heart of Liverpool. Our incredible whitening treatments are just the ticket if your smile could do with a little added sparkle.

Our whitening services

We are delighted to offer an array of whitening treatments, including rapid in-chair treatments, home therapies and Enlighten, a system that combines aspects of both.

For instant results, we recommend Zoom! whitening, a treatment that takes just one hour to give your teeth a radiant, white glow. The process is very simple and you can sit back, relax and let the Zoom! whitening agent work its magic.

If you’re looking for a convenient solution, which enables you to undergo treatment at home or on the go, Wy10 may be the ideal choice. This is a simple home treatment, which also comes with a portable lamp, so you can whiten your teeth wherever you are. This is an excellent option for patients with sensitive teeth, as it is a very gentle treatment.

Enlighten is the world’s leading whitening system and if you’re keen to enjoy impressive results for years to come, this could be just the ticket. Enlighten treatment involves 14 days of home treatment followed by a power whitening session at the clinic. For the first 14 days, you will wear a set of customised whitening trays for around 6 hours per day. The trays are bespoke, so you should find them comfortable, and you can wear them during the night so you don’t need to worry about the cramping your style at work or when you’re socialising. On the 15th day, we’ll arrange an appointment for your in-chair treatment, which will last around one hour. We simply apply whitening agent to your teeth and then activate it using a light source. There’s no pain involved and you can take the opportunity to chill out for a bit.

If you’re interested in tooth whitening, call us now to find out more about our amazing treatments!

Which Teeth Whitening Technique is Best for You? Three Brands Compared

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

The summer is finally here, and what better time to show off a sparkling white smile? If you’re keen on finding out more about tooth whitening treatment this summer, here is some information you may find useful about our incredible treatments on offer right here in the heart of Liverpool.


Wy10 is a rapid whitening system, which is often recommended for patients who have sensitive teeth. Wy10 uses a very pure whitening agent to brighten and lighten the tooth enamel without causing sensitivity. Layer of Wy10 gel are applied to the teeth and the agent is activated using a light source. You can also use portable Wy10 lamps if you want to top up your treatment. Wy10 is a simple, safe and convenient whitening treatment, which is suitable for most patients.

Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! whitening is a powerful professional whitening treatment, which takes just an hour to lighten the teeth by several shades. Before you have treatment, your dentist will examine your teeth to make sure that you’re a suitable candidate for treatment. If you are keen to go ahead, your dentist will apply the Zoom! whitening agent to your teeth, ask you to pop some protective goggles on and then shine a light onto the teeth. You shouldn’t feel any pain during the session and you can lie back and relax. After one hour, you’ll be done, and we can show you your radiant new smile!


If you’re after impressive results that will last for a long time, Enlighten may be the best option for you. Enlighten is currently the only treatment available in the UK that is capable of achieving shade B1, the lightest tooth shade. Enlighten treatment involves a power-whitening session like Wy10 and Zoom! but the process is different, as this session follows 14 days of home treatment. We provide you with custom-made whitening trays, which are worn for around 6 hours per day at home. The trays are designed to fit perfectly, and you can wear them at any time of day, depending on your schedule. On the 15th day, you’ll have your in-chair treatment and then you can start showing off that stunning white smile.

At Home or In Chair: Which Whitening Solution is Right for You?

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

At Liverpool Dental Spa, tooth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic services. If you long for a dazzling white smile for summer, we have some incredible options for you. We offer both at-home and in-chair treatments, so which is the best solution for you?

At home treatment

At-home treatment is a great option for those with hectic schedules, as it’s really convenient, and you can fit it in around other commitments. With home treatment, you can usually expect results within 10-14 days. This option is generally less expensive than in-chair treatments and the process is very simple. All you have to do is wear whitening trays for a set period of time each day.

In-chair treatment

In-chair whitening treatments can often produce more dramatic results in a shorter space of time than at-home therapies. Zoom! whitening, for example, takes just an hour to lighten the teeth by several shades. Our other option, Enlighten, is a system that combines elements of home and in-chair treatment to bring you the best of both worlds. For 14 days, you’ll wear Enlighten whitening trays, which are similar to mouth guards, at home, and this will be followed by an hour-long power whitening session at the clinic. Enlighten is capable of achieving the lightest tooth shade, B1, and the results should last for many years. In-chair treatment is generally recommended for those who are looking for a swift solution and more drastic results.

If you’re considering having tooth whitening treatment, we recommend making an appointment, so that we can talk you through the different options, help you weigh up the pros and cons and enable you to make a well-informed decision. Our friendly dentists are here to answer any questions you may have, and explain exactly what each process involves and what kinds of results you can expect.

Wonderful Whitening in Liverpool This Winter

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Sadly, the natural whiteness of our teeth tends to fade over the course of time and you may be starting to notice that your teeth look a little dull and dreary. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic! We are here to give you an ice-white smile in perfect time to enjoy a wonderful winter.

Whether your teeth are starting to show signs of a daily latte habit, you’re a smoker or you simply want to inject some winter sparkle into your smile, we have the perfect solution: home whitening treatment.

About home whitening

Home whitening is the most convenient and affordable means of getting a stunning, white smile. With this treatment option, you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful, bright, white smile in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to worry about battling the elements to get to the surgery. Once you’ve had your consultation and your whitening trays are ready, you’re good to go and you can begin your treatment, cosied up in the warmth at home.

Home whitening treatment is a very simple process that requires you to wear a set of whitening trays for a certain period of time. These trays are custom-made based on impressions of your teeth and they are very comfortable, so you don’t need to worry about being uncomfortable when you sleep. The trays contain whitening agent, which gently lightens the shade of the teeth on contact. We recommend wearing the trays during the night for around six hours per day, for a period of 14 days.

Is whitening safe?

Our home whitening system uses premium whitening products to lighten the teeth gently and safely. We recommend a consultation for every patient and we use our dental expertise to ensure that clients are a good match for treatment before they start wearing the trays at home. We are also on hand to make sure that treatment is progressing well and we are here if you need any help or advice. We strongly recommend seeing a dentist for professional whitening treatment if you are longing for radiant pearly whites this winter.


You’ll Feel Enlightened by This Amazing Whitening System

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Are you looking for the best whitening treatment around? Do you long for a bright, white smile? If so, why not come and visit us in Liverpool and treat your smile to an Enlighten whitening treatment?

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is a whitening system widely regarded as the best in the world. This treatment is the only system on the market that produces shade B1 and the results of treatment last for several years.

Enlighten is a professional whitening treatment that employs elements of at-home and in-chair professional whitening to create amazing results.

How does Enlighten work?

Enlighten treatment takes 15 days. For the first 14, you’ll use a perfect-fitting bespoke whitening tray at home. The tray is usually worn at night and contains whitening agent, which gradually lightens the shade of the teeth.

After two weeks of at-home treatment, you’re then invited to come to the practice for a one hour power-whitening treatment, which gives the teeth a gorgeous bright glow. All you have to do is sit back and relax and let the treatment work its magic! You simply lie back in the chair while we apply whitening agent to your teeth and then activate it using a light. Treatment will all be over in just one hour.

What are the benefits of Enlighten whitening?

Enlighten is number one for many reasons. Not only does it guarantee amazing results, but the treatment process is simple, safe and completely painless. Enlighten treatment will make you look and feel a million dollars, so what are you waiting for? Call us to arrange a consultation today in the heart of Liverpool!

The Fastest Way to a Brighter Smile

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

When we smile, we have a zone of front teeth that are visible to others. We may have noticed the condition of others’ teeth when they smile. Some teeth may look bright, naturally white and healthy while others may appear in need of care.

Cleaner and brighter teeth

Daily oral hygiene practice and professional teeth cleaning help to keep teeth clean and the mouth fresh. However, stubborn tooth stains from the foods and beverages we enjoy can’t always be removed through hygiene practices. At Liverpool dental spa, we provide guidance on improving oral health and provide special treatments for tooth stains and discolouration.

Enlighten teeth whitening

We don’t want to avoid the foods we enjoy and may prefer to have teeth whitening treatments for that natural, white glow. Enlighten is highly effective and clinically safe for removing tooth stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. Considered a healthier option, Enlighten only contains 6% hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth can be whitened for a beautiful smile both in-clinic and at home.

In-clinic Enlighten and home teeth whitening

Within an hour, our dentists can whiten your teeth to boost confidence and for special occasions. A light activator is used for immediate teeth whitening results. To keep up the desired shade, our dentist custom-makes Enlighten trays for continued home teeth whitening. Alternatively, teeth whitening treatments may be repeated in clinic. The home Enlighten teeth whitening trays are intended for two-week use, giving the best teeth whitening results after a fortnight of use.

Alternative care for tooth discolouration

Teeth may appear stained, but may be discoloured due to nerve damage or genetics. Discoloured teeth may not whiten with in-clinic and home teeth whitening treatments. In such cases, we offer porcelain veneers as the perfect option to mask irregular tooth colour.

Let Liverpool Dentists Put the Sparkle into Your Smile

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Here’s a bright idea – learn more about teeth whitening at Liverpool Implants

Beige, cream, ivory…whilst all aesthetically pleasing shades, nothing beats the colour of pearly white – especially when it comes to your teeth. But with so many different treatment options available, it’s hard to know which method of whitening is worth your money and your time.

Let’s face it, whilst you might have a perfect straight set of teeth there’s no nicer  appearance than that of an added sparkle. And with several celebrities opting for instant whitening, it’s no wonder many of us are seeking out whiter smiles.

Before you make any impulse purchases, compare different products and cosmetic dentists. Search out the most positive and recent reviews, get  as much information as possible and then you can deduce which treatment is  suitable for you. Factors such as comfort, time, professionalism, reputation and whitening results are a must, as well as any other issues you feel would be relevant when whitening.

The best thing about having professional treatment is that it can be custom-made  to suit your preferences. Whether you want an ultra bright smile or maybe  a hint of whitening, it’s always good to speak to a professional regarding any  questions you have in order to get the best possible treatment.

Looking for a Liverpool dentist? We are here to help.

Once whitening has commenced, it’s easy to think that your teeth will continue to be that shade of white for a long time. At Liverpool Implants, not only will you receive the whitening treatment, but advice on aftercare to ensure your teeth stay whiter for longer.

Wonderful Whitening Treatments for a Sparkling Summer

Monday, July 6th, 2015

At Liverpool Dental Spa, we believe nothing sets you up for a sparkling summer like a bright white smile and we have a wide range of whitening treatments available to suit all budgets. One of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments is Enlighten, a system widely regarded as the most effective whitening treatment on the planet. If you dream of a Hollywood style smile, look no further than Enlighten.

What is Enlighten and what does treatment involve?

Enlighten is a professional whitening treatment that combines the best aspects of at-home and in-chair treatment to create truly amazing results. This system is currently the only treatment on the market to achieve shade B1, the lightest shade available in the UK.

For the first 14 days of treatment, Enlighten patients wear a bespoke whitening tray, which contains Enlighten whitening agent, at home. The tray is perfectly comfortable, as it is designed to fit the contours of your mouth and you only have to wear them during the night. After the 14th day, you will pop in and see is for your in-chair whitening session. This takes around an hour and is a chance for you to lie back and relax, as there’s absolutely no pain involved. We simply apply whitening agent to your teeth and then shine a lamp onto the teeth to activate the gel. An hour later, your smile will look beautifully bright and the results will last for years to come.


We also offer Wy10 whitening, which is a simple and quick whitening system suited to patients with sensitive teeth and offers you the chance to enjoy amazing results without leaving the house. Patients are advised how to use Wy10 before they begin treatment and treatment time is around 15-30 minutes twice a day, every day for approximately 20 days. Each patient receives a Wy10 kit, which contains trays and syringes filled with whitening agent. You simply inject the agent into the trays and then wear the trays for the specified time.

If you would like more information about our whitening treatments, don’t hesitate to give us a ring or call in if you’re in Liverpool.

Super Whitening for Sparkling Smiles

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

If a sparkling smile is what you’re after, you’re in the best hands at Liverpool Dental Spa. With our amazing whitening treatments, you’ll be showing off a gorgeous gleaming smile in no time!

We have tried and tested a number of whitening methods in order to ensure we brig you the best and we are delighted to offer convenient home whitening treatment in addition to express in-chair treatments and Enlighten, the world’s leading whitening system and the only treatment available in the UK to produce B1, the lightest tooth shade.

Home whitening

Home whitening is a great choice for anyone with a hectic work or social schedule, as it fits in around your daily plans. Treatment usually lasts for 14 days and the process couldn’t be simpler. Before you start treatment, we invite you to a consultation and we go through the process with you, explain how it works and what you need to do. We will also have a look at your teeth to check that treatment is suitable for you. We then use dental putty to create impressions of your teeth, which are used to make whitening trays. These trays match the imprint of your teeth perfectly for a comfortable fit and they contain bleaching agent that whitens the teeth on contact.

When you get home, simply wear the whitening trays for six hours per day every day for 14 days. Many clients choose to wear the trays at night, so that they continue with day to day life as normal.


Enlighten is a whitening phenomenon and it could bring you a beaming, bright smile right here in the heart of Liverpool. This highly effective system uses a combination of treatment methods to achieve dazzling results that last a long time. For the first 14 days of treatment, you wear tailor-made Enlighten whitening trays at home and on the 15th day, you come in and see us for a one-hour whitening boost. We encourage you to lie back and relax while the whitening agent we apply to the teeth works its magic. The whitening agent is activated using a light, and an hour later you’ll have a beautiful new smile. We will be happy to put some music or a film on for you.

To find out more or book an appointment, visit our website, pop in if you’re in Liverpool or simply give us a ring.

No Tricks, Just Treats with Teeth Whitening in Liverpool!

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Halloween is approaching and at Liverpool Dental Spa, we are here to offer you a real treat! Our amazing whitening treatments can banish ghastly stains and give you a beautiful ghostly white smile.

Our whitening options

We understand that the day to day grind can take its toll on your teeth and we have carefully selected the best whitening treatments to get rid of surface stains and give the teeth a stunning whitening boost. Whether your teeth are showing signs of wear and tear or the whiteness has faded due to your daily coffee fix, we have a solution.

We offer home whitening and in-chair treatments to cater for all your whitening needs.

Home whitening

Our home whitening system, Wy10, comes with a portable lamp, which means that you can whiten your teeth on the go if you’re not at home. This simple, quick and painless treatment provides convenience, as well as amazing results and is an ideal solution for patients who have a hectic work schedule. This treatment is also suitable for patients who suffer from sensitive teeth.


Enlighten is an incredible in-chair treatment, which also involves a treatment period at home. This treatment is a celebrity favourite and it often appears on TV makeover shows. For the first 14 days, you undergo treatment at home by wearing specially designed trays containing Enlighten whitening agent. On the 15th day, we then provide you with a power whitening session at the clinic and this will ensure your smile looks white and bright for many years to come. This treatment provides a natural, timeless look and it is currently the only treatment you can get in the UK that guarantees the lightest tooth shade, B1.


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