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Take a ClearStep forward in Liverpool

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Are you searching for a simple way of straightening your teeth? If so, why not take a ClearStep forward in Liverpool?

What is ClearStep?

ClearStep is a very simple, effective removable brace system, which uses a series of clear appliances to move the teeth and give you a gorgeous new smile. ClearStep braces, also known as aligners, are made from transparent plastic, so they can’t be seen when you smile. This means that you don’t have to worry about what you look like while you’re having treatment.

What does treatment involve?

ClearStep treatment uses a series of aligners to realign the teeth. You will be given a collection of bespoke braces, which have been manufactured based on your individual orthodontic prescription. You’ll wear each brace for around 2 weeks and then swap the aligner for the next in the sequence until treatment is complete.

ClearStep braces are removable, which gives you flexibility, but it’s so important to make sure you wear the aligners for the recommended time each day. If you don’t wear your braces for at least 21 hours per day, there’s a risk that you won’t get the results you wanted. ClearStep aligners are designed to be taken out for eating and cleaning the teeth.

Am I a good match for ClearStep?

ClearStep is ideally suited to those with minor or moderate needs. Removable braces are not usually the best option for complex cases, as they cannot provide the stability of fixed braces and the range of movement is more limited. If you have minor or moderate issues and you’re looking for a straightforward, discreet solution that will fit into your daily life seamlessly, call today to find out more!

Did you know we can Straighten Teeth with No One Noticing?

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Have you ever thought about having orthodontic treatment, but been put off by the prospect of other people being able to see your braces? Perhaps you’re worried about what your friends would say or how wearing braces could affect your chances when it comes to dating or getting a job. If you’re anxious about braces, you’re not alone. The good news is that times have changed, and now, you don’t have to worry. We have treatments that will straighten your teeth without anybody else noticing. Allow us to introduce you to our invisible treatments:

Invisalign, ClearStep and Perfect Clear

These treatments are clear aligner treatments, which straighten the teeth using a series of removable, transparent aligners. These braces use gentle forces to move the teeth, and when the braces are in place, they are virtually undetectable. These treatments are suited to those with minor or moderate orthodontic issues.

MTM No Trace Brace

Have you ever wished you could have straight teeth without anybody being able to see that you’re wearing a brace? With MTM No Trace Brace, you can do just this. This system uses lingual braces, which are attached to the back of the teeth, rather than the front, to straighten the teeth in secret. These braces are geared towards patients who have minor issues, and they work quickly, with an average treatment time of just 12-24 weeks.


CFast braces are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fixed braces. These sleek fixed braces are applied to the front of the teeth, so they’re not invisible like lingual braces. However, they are made from clear components and they are much lighter than traditional braces, so they are much harder to spot. CFast braces are suitable for most orthodontic patients and they produce results in around 4-6 months.

If you’re keen to find out more about discreet treatment options, call now and book an appointment!

Invisible Braces and Healthy Teeth in Liverpool

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Invisalign is a very popular treatment, as it offers orthodontic patients a host of benefits and enables patients to get an amazing looking smile without anyone else being able to notice their braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is modern and innovative orthodontic treatment that straightens the teeth using a number of transparent aligners. Each aligner is slightly different and they are worn in a set order, with each one in place for two weeks.

Invisalign aligners gently guide the teeth into position and enable patients to have treatment without them having to worry about what they look like or what other people think about the fact that they are wearing braces.

Healthy teeth and gums with Invisalign

One of the things people like most about Invisalign is that the braces are removable. This means that patients have more sense of freedom and the ability to take their aligners out to clean their teeth. Braces can make oral hygiene a problem, especially as brackets and bands tend to attract food deposits and plaque. With aligners, there are no bands and brackets and you can continue to brush your teeth in the normal way, having taken your aligner out.

Is Invisalign for me?

Invisalign is suitable for most orthodontic patients and it can be used to treat a range of problems, including crooked and crowded teeth and mild or moderate issues with the bite. This treatment is a particularly attractive prospect for patients who want the results of orthodontic treatment without having to wear a visible brace.

Call us today at Liverpool Dental Spa to find out more about Invisalign and see how it could transform your smile!

The Different Types of Invisible Brace

Monday, February 16th, 2015

At Liverpool Dental Spa, we recognise that many of our clients desire complete discretion from their orthodontic treatment and offer an array of innovative clear braces to create gorgeous smiles with minimal impact smile aesthetics during the treatment process. Here are some of our incredible invisible braces:

Invisalign: the leading clear brace treatment on the market, Invisalign has already helped more than 1 million people in the world to gain a perfect smile in secret. This system uses a collection of custom-designed aligners, which are made entirely from transparent plastic and contain no metal parts, to straighten the teeth. The aligners work in sequence and each appliance sits over the teeth for two weeks.

Clearstep: Clearstep has a very similar treatment process to Invisalign as it also uses a set of bespoke, removable braces to straighten out orthodontic issues. Clearstep is ideally suited to anyone with minor or moderate issues.

Perfect Clear: this unique system uses bespoke K positioners, which are completely transparent, to gently guide the teeth into the correct position. The positioners are light and comfortable and you can take them out to clean your teeth, eat and drink, for maximum convenience.

MTM No Trace Brace: this lingual brace system is the ultimate treatment for people who are desperate to keep their braces a secret. These braces work in almost exactly the same way as traditional fixed braces, but they are fixed to the back of the teeth, so nobody will be able to see them.

If you would like to learn more about our invisible braces and find out which treatment would be best for you, why not call us today and book a consultation? We look forward to meeting you and enabling you to create a stunning new smile in secret!

Invisible Braces for an Incredible Smile in the Centre of Liverpool

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

If an incredible smile is your goal for 2015, our invisible braces could be the perfect choice for you. We offer a range of discreet orthodontic solutions to enable you to enjoy your dream smile without anyone knowing that you’re having treatment.

Our treatments

We are proud to provide a number of invisible brace treatments, including:

  • Invisalign
  • Clearstep
  • MTM No Trace Brace
  • Perfect Clear

Invisible braces offer a modern alternative to traditional fixed braces and are an excellent choice for patients who want to feel confident throughout the treatment process. With these innovative systems, you can have the treatment you need with no worries about how you will look or feel once the braces are fitted, or how your social or professional life will be affected.

Which treatment is best for me?

Invisalign, Perfect Clear and Clearstep are clear aligner systems that employ a sequence of bespoke aligners to correct misalignment and produce straight smiles. These systems are ideally suited to patients with minor or moderate needs and they are a great option for those who prefer the flexibility of a removable brace.

MTM No Trace Brace is an invisible fixed brace treatment that is designed for patients who only require minor correction. The theory behind treatment is very similar to that of traditional fixed braces, but the braces are attached to the back of the teeth, rather than the front, so they cannot be seen at all.

All these treatments have pros and cons and they suit some patients better than others. When you have your consultation, your dentist will use simple tests to assess your needs and then chat to you about the kind of treatments you would prefer or be interested in. They can then narrow down your options and talk you through the ones that suit you best.

Introducing The Perfect Clear Treatment In The Heart Of Liverpool

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Fixed braces are effective, but, according to that ever shifting mix of cultural norms which designate desirability, they aren’t particularly attractive. As a result, some people can get a little self conscious about seeking orthodontic treatment. Given that dental phobia affects a lot of people already, letting appearances put people off treatment is just something that dentistry cannot allow! Thankfully, for those who prefer a more subtle form of brace treatment, there is the Perfect Clear aligner system.

What is Perfect Clear?

Perfect Clear is a system of nigh-on invisible, clear, plastic aligners which gradually shift a user’s teeth into alignment.

The particular perks of Perfect Clear

The name kind of hints at their major selling point: These awesome aligners are practically invisible and, as such, overcome any of that brace related embarrassment you might be imagining. They do, however, come with a bunch of practical benefits too! The aligners, for instance, are removable, meaning that they can be taken out for cleaning, thus preventing food from building up in hard to reach areas and meaning that you can clean them conventionally. No specialist brace equipment is needed for Perfect Clear users! Plus, you can eat what you please: conventional braces can break or be damaged if certain foods are consumed. Being able to remove your aligners at meal times eliminates any need to alter your diet. The absence of any wire or elastic also means that they will sit more comfortably in your mouth, and, as a bonus, you will be less likely to get any abscesses around your mouth. Less work is also required to maintain them than with fixed braces.

Are there downsides?

For some, Perfect Clear has been known to have a marginal impact on a user’s speech, an effect often resembling a lisp, which can last for a few days. Users will, however, adapt to the aligners swiftly and the issues should vanish quite quickly.

Contact us

If you’re committing to something big like orthodontic treatment, then you’ll want to know that you are in safe hands. Calls us at Liverpool Dental Spa so we can show you how safe and efficient those hands are.

Introducing The MTM No Trace Braces In Central Liverpool

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Perfect rhymes, like ‘trace’ and ‘brace’, are hard not to notice. The name of the ‘MTM No Trace’ cleverly suggests, through rhymed association, that it is a brace system, but also, through the absence of the actual word ‘brace’, points to its most striking feature: It is practically invisible, seemingly absent.

What is the MTM No Trace?

It is an invisible, fixed brace system for patients suffering from minor orthodontic issues. They operate like conventional fixed braces, except, unlike their traditional counterparts, MTM No Trace braces are fitted on the inside of the mouth, meaning they cannot be seen.

The benefits of the No Trace brace

The most obvious benefit of the brace is cosmetic: By being attached to the back of your teeth, the No Trace brace avoids all the unfortunate associations, which a fixed brace conjures. By being fixed, however, it also avoids a common problem associated with removable, invisible aligners: They eliminate human error. Aligners can be removed for cleaning or for brief social occasions, but forgetting to put them back in can lead to dire consequences: Forgetting to put an aligner back in place can delay treatment drastically and lead to increased costs. Thankfully, as MTM No Trace braces are fixed, you need not worry about such things. To top it all off, you won’t even be not-worrying for very long: This brace system is speedy and can produce a wonderfully straight smile in between twelve and twenty four weeks.

Is this treatment suitable for all?

The MTM No Trace brace system is specifically designed for patients requiring minor orthodontic corrections and best suited to performing small movements in teeth. As a result of this, it is not appropriate for those requiring more complex or extensive dental work. Fear not, however, as, if this treatment is not best suited for your needs, we at Liverpool Dental Spa can easily recommend alternative treatments. For those only requiring minor corrections, however, the MTM No Trace brace should work a treat.

Call us

If you are interested in, or even just a little curious about, this wonderful fixed brace system, then please call us at Liverpool Dental Spa and book a consultation.


Get Straighter Teeth Discreetly In The City Of Liverpool

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Many orthodontic patients are looking for discreet solutions nowadays and we are proud to offer a host of invisible brace systems, including Perfect Clear.

What is Perfect Clear?

Perfect Clear is an invisible aligner system, which uses unique K positioners to gently guide the teeth into the right position and correct misalignment. The aligners are created based on impressions of your teeth and they are bespoke to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.

What are the advantages of Perfect Clear?

Perfect Clear is a great option for patients who are looking for a flexible, convenient and comfortable treatment, which will not interfere with their image during the treatment process. The aligners are light and comfortable and they are virtually invisible so other people will not even be aware that you are wearing a brace.

Perfect Clear K positioners are removable, which means that you can clean your teeth properly and eat without any troubles; the aligners are also very easy to keep clean.

Perfect Clear positioners allow patients to get the smile they want without the worry of wearing visible braces; clear braces give patients more confidence and allow them to continue with day to day life without worrying about how they look or how other people will react to their braces.

This treatment is suitable for a wide range of patients, including those with minor and moderate issues with the bite, slight crowding and small gaps between the teeth.

Do Perfect Clear positioners hurt?

Initially you may find wearing your braces is slightly uncomfortable and your speech may be mildly affected; however, after a couple of days, you will get used to wearing them and find them very comfortable. Your speech will also return to normal very quickly. Get in touch with the team at Liverpool Dental Spa for more information.


Straighten Teeth Discreetly With Clear Braces For Patients In Liverpool

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

If you’ve ever thought of having orthodontic treatment but couldn’t bear the thought of wearing highly visible metal braces, Liverpool Dental Spa may just have the perfect solution. Invisalign is a discreet braces treatment, which enables you to achieve a straighter smile without anyone knowing that you are wearing braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear brace system, which uses a series of aligners made from clear plastic to gently move the teeth. The aligners are manufactured based on the individual patient’s orthodontic prescription and treatment plan and each aligner is slightly different to allow room for tooth movement. Invisalign uses the latest computer imaging to plan the treatment so that patients can see their anticipated result before they even start treatment.

The Invisalign aligners are made from thin, light plastic and they are almost invisible to others, so you can smile with confidence throughout the entirety of the treatment process. Each aligner is worn for 14 days and then swapped with the next in the series; the aligners are removable but for optimum results it is important to wear them for at least 21 hours per day.

Why should I consider Invisalign?

You should consider Invisalign if you want a beautiful, straight and natural looking smile without the aggravation of wearing visible braces. Many of our clients want the end result without having to put up with wearing braces and Invisalign enables them to enjoy the results without any hassle or worries about how they will look when they have treatment.

Invisalign is also advantageous because it allows patients to have a degree of freedom; the aligners are removable, which not only gives you flexibility, but also the ability to eat and drink without any worries. Invisalign is also good news for your oral health because you take the aligner out to clean your teeth, enabling you to brush your teeth thoroughly. Invisalign aligners are also very comfortable; there are no metal components and no painful appointments to adjust or tighten the brace.

Thousands of people all over the world have already benefited from Invisalign treatment; call us today to book a consultation!



Removable braces for patients in Liverpool

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

At Liverpool Dental Spa we offer three types of removable brace, all of which are practically invisible, these are: Invisalign, Perfect Clear and Clearstep. The precise differences between these three systems are quite subtle, but they all share the same basic advantages.

Practical advantages of the treatments

One of the major problems with fixed braces is that they are fixed. Being unable to remove your brace makes cleaning difficult, thus allowing food particles to build up in hard to reach areas of your mouth. Your mouth is full of bacteria, and food particles left there will combine with said bacteria to produce plaque. If plaque is left untreated, it will begin to use sugary and starchy food particles to produce acid. This acid will then erode your teeth. The easiest way to prevent this is to stop plaque from forming, but this can be a little tricky if you can’t reach all of your mouth. Removable braces mean that you can simply take the obstacle out before a thorough clean! Eating certain foods can also be a problem with fixed braces, as certain foods can either break or get stuck in your brace. Again, by being able to remove your brace this problem is overcome.

Practically invisible

The major aesthetic complaint pertaining to fixed braces is their appearance. Somehow, and for some unknown reason, a little wire and elastic seems to conjure up images of adolescent awkwardness, something which many would prefer to avoid. Thankfully the braces available at Liverpool Dental Spa are all made of clear plastic, making them virtually invisible! Plus, if you are worried that some eagle eyed individual will be inspecting your pearly whites, you can sneakily take them off for a brief period!



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