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Don’t Let Dental Phobia Ruin Your Life

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

It might be one of the most important health appointments you might have to go to in the foreseeable future, as the quality of your own teeth might have suffered for one reason of the other. Making regular dental appointments every one to two years should be at the top of every person’s list of priorities. However, for some people, the reason why these appointments aren’t made is not because they have forgotten, but that they have a phobia of the dentist and this consequently affects their ability to attend to matters of oral health problems.

The many reasons behind having a dental phobia

One of the main reasons behind a person having a dental phobia is something that happened to them during their childhood. An unforgiving dentist who did not take into consideration the fears their young patient held could well have exacerbated since then and when they reach adulthood, they might have chosen to ignore the constant calls from their dentist surgery as their parents were no longer the ones to force them to the dentist.

A particular horrifically carried out form of treatment when a person was a child or adult could be another reason why they have a dental phobia. The time it took for them to recover from their dental operation could have left the person mentally scarred and these scars need time to heel. Or, the person might have had a straightforward dental operation, such as them needing several teeth extracted. This may be a common treatment for the dentist to perform, but for the patient it is not clear-cut and this harrowing experience could have put a mental toll on the person themselves.

Liverpool Dental Spa understands your fears

Our Liverpool dental professionals are extremely understanding and they know that a trip to the dentist might take a lot of bravery for the person to do this. Contacting us will enable you to be seen by an understanding person who will be able to cater your dental needs around your worries.

Soothing Dental Phobia for Anxious Patients

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Dental phobia is among the most common phobias in the UK. If you suffer from extreme anxiety when you think about going to the dentist or have a phobia of needles, the dental drill or even dentists, we can help! We are a Dental Phobia Certified practice and our compassionate team has experience in providing gentle dentistry in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

We use the latest tricks and techniques to prevent pain during dental procedures and we are always here every step of the way to help you to build confidence and gradually overcome your fears.

Some of the techniques we use include:


Sedation is commonly used in both dentistry and medicine as a means of helping patients to relax while they have treatment. Sedation doesn’t make you lose consciousness, like general anaesthetic. However, it does induce a sleep-like state, which ensures that you feel completely calm and comfortable. While you are sedated you will have a low level of awareness, you won’t feel any pain and you will feel sleepy. You can talk to your dentist if you wish to at any time and you will be able to hear them. After sedation, it’s normal not to remember much about the procedure.

The Wand

The Wand is a technique we use to deliver painless injections. It looks similar to a pen and it is connected to and controlled by a small computer. The aim of The Wand is to eliminate pain caused by rapid or uneven flow of fluid through a needle. Many people dread having injections because they have suffered pain in the past. With this innovation, the speed of the flow of fluid is controlled by the computer, so there is no risk of a sudden, uncomfortable burst. The Wand is suitable for adults and children and it can be really beneficial for those who suffer from dental anxiety as a result of a fear of injections.

If you’d like to find out more about our services for nervous patients, have a look around the clinic or meet with our dental team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Dental Phobia? We Can Help!

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Dental phobia can make even the thought of going to the dentist terrifying. At Liverpool Dental Spa, we have experience in treating anxious patients and we are a Dental Phobia certified practice.

We use the latest techniques and treatments to minimise pain and promote relaxation and comfort and our team is compassionate and understanding. Our dentists and nurses will always do their best to make every patient feel reassured and safe and nothing is too much trouble. Whether you would feel more confident meeting the staff before your visit, you’d like to look around the clinic or you’d appreciate a relaxing spa treatment before you have dental appointment, we can help.


Sedation is a technique effective for treating nervous patients. It is used widely in medicine and dentistry as it has a relaxing effect on patients. Sedation involves the use of sedative medication to produce a deep state of calm and prevent anxiety and fear. When you are sedated, you will feel deeply relaxed and a little drowsy, as if you were falling asleep. You won’t lose consciousness and you will be able to talk to your dentist if you would like to. During the procedure, you won’t feel any pain and you won’t remember much afterwards.

The Wand painless injections

A fear of needles is one of the most common causes of dental phobia and with The Wand, we are able to make nervous patients feel more comfortable and confident. The Wand is a computer-controlled system that helps to eliminate any discomfort from having an injection. Many people are scared of having injections because they have had a painful experience in the past. This is usually due to an uneven flow of fluid or fluid being injected very quickly. The Wand, which comprises of a needle and is connected to a small computer, ensures that the flow of fluid is controlled and regulated to prevent a sudden spurt. It also looks much less threatening than a conventional needle, as it looks similar to a pen.

Call us today to find out more.

How to Start Your New Year Without Fearing the Dentist

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Many people suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia, and we offer a range of techniques and treatments to try and help our patients feel more relaxed and enable them to overcome their fears. Our team is highly experienced and we go out of our way to help patients who struggle with anxiety and nerves.

Sedation for nervous patients

Sedation is a technique we use to help patients to feel completely comfortable during dental procedures. It involves using sedative medication to bring the mind and body into a state of calm. When you’re sedated, you can’t feel any pain and you won’t have much idea of what’s going on. Sedation is not the same as general anaesthetic, and we provide sedation at the clinic. You don’t have to stay in after treatment and you won’t lose consciousness. Sedation can be really beneficial for those with anxiety, as well as those who suffer from a fear of pain, the drill or needles. It can also be helpful for long and complex procedures.

The Wand

The Wand is an innovative treatment  used to treat patients who suffer from a phobia of needles or injections. This device, which looks similar to a pen, is controlled by a computer, and it helps to prevent painful injections by regulating the speed of the flow of fluid from the injection. The vast majority of painful injections are caused by a sudden spurt of fluid or the fluid going through the syringe too quickly, but with The Wand, this is not possible. The Wand also looks much less threatening than a traditional injection. This treatment is suitable for adults and children.

Spa services

We can also offer spa services to help nervous patients to relax. Our treatments include aromatherapy, hot stone massage, foot massage and facials.


No More Nerves with the Wand in Central Liverpool

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

We understand that injections can be scary and many of our patients are anxious about having dental treatment as a result of a fear of needles. If you’re worried about getting into the dental chair because needles make you nervous, we are here to allay your fears and allow you to rest easy. With The Wand, painful injections are a thing of the past.

What is The Wand?

The Wand is an innovative solution, which prevents you from feeling pain or discomfort when you have an injection. This computerised device controls the speed of the flow of fluid from the injection, which helps to prevent pain. In most cases, people experience discomfort when they have an injection because the flow is either too fast or there is a sudden burst of fluid. With The Wand, this is never an issue and you can enjoy injections with absolutely no pain at all.

The Wand looks similar to a pen, which makes it a much less daunting sight than a dental drill or a traditional syringe. Although there is still a needle, it is hidden. The needle is attached to a very small computer, which is responsible for regulating the delivery of the medicine or anaesthetic.

Who can benefit from The Wand?

The Wand is beneficial for anyone who feels anxious about having an injection and it is suitable for treatment on adults and children.

If you would like to find out more about The Wand or any of our other anxiety-busting treatments, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Soothing Sedation in the Centre of Liverpool

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Many patients across the UK feel nervous at the idea of a trip to the dentist. Some people suffer so severely from dental phobia that they avoid any dental treatment, even when faced with a lost tooth, severe pain or bleeding gums, and in these situations treatment may be desperately needed.

What causes dental phobia?

Dental phobia or dental anxiety can occur for a number of reasons, and it’s different for every individual. Some people may be afraid of needles, whereas others may have had a negative dental experience in the past which may have led to dental phobia.

How can patients with dental phobia be helped?

Many dentists now undergo specific training especially designed to help them professionally treat nervous patients. Listening to the requests of anxious patients and taking the appointments slowly is one of the simplest ways of putting them at ease. There are now also pain free injections such as the Wand available. This device is a helpful method when it comes to alleviating the distress of nervous patients, enabling them to a have a comfortable experience when undergoing dental treatment.

However, the most popular treatment when it comes to bringing a sense of calm into the dental practice is sedation.

How does sedation work?

Sedation is used to ease patients into a relaxed, contented state in which they don’t feel any anxiety or discomfort. Sedation is administered without the need for the patient to become unconscious, so they can still communicate with the dentist should they need or want to.

If you experience anxiety when going to the dentist and wish to learn more about dental sedation, please get in touch with Liverpool Dental Spa today. We offer sedation in the heart of Liverpool and would be happy to help you receive the treatment you need in the most relaxed, comfortable way possible.


Dealing with Dental Phobia in the Heart of Liverpool

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Dental phobia is among the most common phobias in the UK and here at Liverpool Dental Spa, we are working to help make patients feel less anxious and enable them to overcome their fears of dental treatment. We have designed our practice to provide patients with a peaceful and relaxing space and we use the latest techniques to prevent painful treatment and make the experience less daunting and more comfortable for those who suffer from anxiety and dental phobia.

The Wand

One of the main reasons people are anxious about going to the dentist is a fear of injections and needles. With the help of The Wand, we are able to promise our patients completely painless injections and this treatment is beneficial for both children and adults. The Wand looks like an average everyday pen, but it is actually a needle that is controlled by a computer. The computer regulates the flow of fluid through the needle to prevent pain. You see, the majority of painful injections are caused by a sudden spurt or fast flow of fluid, and this is never a possibility with The Wand.


Sedation is a very popular technique that’s used to help patients feel completely relaxed when they have a dental procedure. This technique uses sedative medication to bring the body into a deep state of calm, so that your mind is relaxed and you don’t experience any pain at all. Sedation is hugely beneficial for nervous patients and it can also be advantageous for those who are undergoing a lengthy or complex procedure.

Sedation doesn’t make you lose consciousness like general anaesthetic and you won’t have to stay with us after treatment. However, it can take 24 hours for the full effects of the sedative to wear off, so we recommend patients have somebody with them to drive them home and stay with them while the sedatives wear off.

If you have any worries about seeing a dentist or if you have dental phobia, we are here to help. Our team has vast experience in caring for phobic and anxious patients and we can help to give you the confidence to have treatment without any worries or fear.

What Is The Difference Between Dental Anxiety And Dental Phobia In Liverpool?

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

At the Liverpool Dental Spa, we cater for patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia, and do everything we can to try and make every patient feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We have experience in caring for nervous patients and patients with phobias. Our team is friendly, understanding, compassionate and approachable.

Our aim is to try and enable you to attend regular dental appointments without feeling anxious or scared, and without experiencing dread in the run up to your appointment. We adopt a gentle approach, we listen to you and we use the latest treatments and methods to help you to relax.

What is the difference between dental anxiety and dental phobia?

Dental anxiety affects most people to a certain degree, according to polls and surveys. Many people experience signs of mild anxiety when they are sitting in the waiting room or climbing into the dental chair, but for some people, the anxiety is much more profound and this is known as a phobia. A phobia is defined as an irrational fear and it causes symptoms such as sweating, feelings of extreme anxiety and fear, rapid heartbeat, palpitations and nausea. Phobias make people feel very scared even when there is no threat of danger. Many patients who have dental phobia are so scared of visiting the dentist or having an injection or even sitting in a waiting room, that they avoid seeing a dentist for many years.

We are able to cater for patients with both dental anxiety and dental phobia. Often, we recommend sedation for patients who are very nervous about treatment.


Sedation is a technique used commonly in dentistry and medicine to prevent patients from experiencing pain, and encourage them to feel more relaxed. Often, sedation is compared to anaesthetic, but the two are actually different. General anaesthetic sends you into an unconscious state. However when you are sedated, you are conscious and can communicate with your dentist if you wish to. You recover from sedation much quicker than you would from general anaesthetic and the procedure does not carry the same risks.

When you are sedated, sedative medication induces a state of very deep calm and you won’t feel any pain. It is also common to have little recollection of what happened during the procedure when the medication effects have worn off.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, or you have a phobia of going to the dentist, we’re here to help. Call us today to find out more.

Easing Dental Anxiety In The Heart Of Liverpool

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Dental anxiety is a common problem, which often prevents patients from getting the dental treatment they need. Many patients have a fear of going to the dentist and this means that they tend to wait until they are already in great pain to seek help. We want all our patients to feel confident and relaxed when they come to the clinic and we have a range of treatments and techniques, which can help to achieve this. Our dental team is very friendly and approachable and they will do everything they can to make you feel calm when you have dental treatment.

The Wand

The Wand is a technique we use to prevent patients from feeling pain when they have injections. It is suitable for all ages and can really help to ease anxiety in patients who have had painful injections in the past. The Wand is a small device, which looks similar to a pen; it is connected to a small computer, which is responsible for controlling the flow of medication and the amount of fluid injected.

Most injections seem painful because the fluid is delivered too quickly or there is a sudden burst. With The Wand, the flow is controlled and therefore injections are completely painless. The needle is also disguised, which makes the process less daunting for those who have a fear of needles.


Sedation is hugely beneficial for nervous patients because it makes you feel completely relaxed. Sedatives don’t make you lose consciousness, but they do bring about a deep state of calm and help to prevent you from feeling pain when you have treatment. Sedation can also help patients to feel less anxious in the run-up to treatment, as they have peace of mind that they won’t feel any pain or have much sense of what is going on.

We Know How To Look After And Treat Nervous Patients In Liverpool City Centre

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

True horror lies beyond the rational, and phobias are, in their very nature, irrational. Even if sympathising with such extreme and, often unjustified, fears is difficult, recognising the horror of a phobia’s impact is less of a stretch: People who are afraid of the dentist might literally do anything to avoid visiting one and, subsequently, they live a life without dental care, often letting their teeth rot in to a plaque riddled mess of yellowing husk, exposed roots ad gingivitis. If you don’t visit the dentist, you don’t get your teeth checked, and if you don’t get your teeth checked then horrible things can happen to them. This attitude isn’t rare either: Over three quarters of our American brethren suffer some kind of dental anxiety, whilst 10% – 20% suffer with the crippling stuff. In Britain, around a quarter of the population admit to being scared of the dentist (and that’s just those that admit it)! How do you helps someone through such agonising fear and into to the dental chair? Well, we recommend intravenous sedation.

What is this intravenous sedation?

It is a safe sedative which is administered via a small injection. Application of the sedative will occur before any other procedures and it will make those who use it feel calm and content. Given that it will make you drowsy, do remember to have a friend around afterwards to pick you up! Don’t worry tough, it won’t put you to sleep: You’ll still be able to interact and respond to your dentist, though you may struggle to remember doing so afterwards.

How does it work?

As the name implies, it works via injection. If you also suffer from the, rather common, fear of needles, please talk to a staff member as alternative treatments may be able to be provided. The sedative is applied via a super thin needle and the vein in to which it will be injected will be very close to the surface of your skin. Dental sedation has proved such a hit that it is also being used as a substitute to a conventional anaesthetic in some treatments!

Call us

Our staff want to help and are willing to work with you to make that possible. If you have any fears, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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